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A national team of private investigators working for you

Tens of billions of dollars worth of deposits are sitting in escrow across the United States, waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners. (Including you!)

We employ a team of licensed private investigators whose sole task is to uncover lost property and track down its rightful owner. We believe your money should be in your pocket, not in a bank account collecting interest for someone else.

Let us help you recover the money you are owed.

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Over half a million recoveries and more than 10 years in the industry means that we have the experience to get results for our clients. Putting lost funds into the hands of their proper owners is what we do, and we take pride in it.

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Is this money real?

Yes. Our licensed private investigators have helped over half a million people so far.

It's not hard for money to become lost. If a company has the wrong address on file for you and can't get you your check, they have no legal responsibility to track you down. The amount you are owed is added to the $50 billion dollars of lost money held in escrow throughout the United States. With tens of billions of dollars in limbo, is it hard to believe that some might be yours?

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